Whose life is it, anyway?

A month was enough and we are exhausted, depressed and broken (physically, emotionally and financially). I keep asking ‘Who is in control here?’ We foolishly thought that we would be. The reality is that we have two emotionally disabled children with horrible pasts who keep dragging us back into their terrible early life, they project their bad experiences of grown ups onto us and keep pushing the correct buttons to turn us inside out.

Hubby and I keep looking at each other. The pain and silent cries are visible in both our eyes: ‘We can’t do this anymore! This is not what we’ve signed up for…’

I have to drag myself out of the house; make a conscious effort to pick some nicer clothes and get onto the metro that will take me to the city. At 9 am most cafes are not open yet and before I know it my feet take me back to the well known Uni cafe. It’s a familiar place with people from familiar walks of life. I recognise the surroundings, the students, the books, the smells… I vaguely remember my life as a student; the carefree lifestyle, the freedom, exam time stress (and believing that passing the next exam is the greatest challenge in life ever). If I had known it back then…

Students thinking about their bright future; graduating – job hunt – interviews – job – salary – freedom – meetups with friends after work – counting the minutes till Friday 6 pm when the fun can finally start… Yes, I vaguely recall that my life used to have fun…

On my way to the cafe I saw well dressed people pass me by; getting on with their lives and daily jobs and I try really hard to recall the last time I had my high hill shoes on (not very practical when you have to run after a misbehaving child). My business clothes are packed away in a box; they sit next to the box that contains fragile or precious objects dear to my heart (hard to keep your cool when they fall victim to the outbursts of  disregulated and angry children).

My gran used to tell me ‘when I was your age I already had 2 children’ and I would respond ‘yes, and I have 2 Masters Degrees’. Now, in this cafe I turn my eyes towards heaven and think: guess what, gran, I caught up with you! You were way too young and inexperienced to know how to parent your children. Me on the other hand…?

The boys managed to reduce me and hubby into depressed zombies who function on leaking batteries and without any will power left to think clearly or to choose life. Joy, my long lost friend, I said goodbye to you, too! I hear you say Post Natal/Adoption Depression. Perhaps you are correct, I wouldn’t know…

What I do know is that 5 weeks into this placement I still have to keep reminding people that in many ways what we are going through is the same as having 1 month old twins! They can’t understand/accept/imagine of course; what they see is a 6 year old and a 7 year old boy running around the house nonstop…

I don’t want to do parent today. I want to do adult only today. But I can’t! I have to go and pick them up from school…  


2 thoughts on “Whose life is it, anyway?

  1. Trixiebelle says:

    Sending big hugs xxx everyone agrees that parenthood is the toughest job in the world, with no manuals to help you to know you are on the right path. Just believe that as tough as it is you are not alone on this tricky road, and try to find some precious time for you, as you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family. Xxx


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