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Every About Me page should start with a name. Well, I’m afraid I can’t do that and I will tell you why in a moment…

As long as I remember I’ve always wanted to adopt. As far as GPs are concerned both my husband and I are able to create a new life, however we  agreed very early on that instead of giving birth myself we would welcome children to our home who are already here and waiting for a loving family.

Our assessing Social Worker was very happy when we told her we are specifically looking for the so-called ‘hard to place’ children. Due to my work (reason one for anonymity) I have a better than average understanding of the system and the children currently waiting for their new homes. Sadly there isn’t a long queue for older brothers so we got almost fast tracked into being approved for a sibling group of 2 boys aged 5+.

After approval we didn’t have to wait long to be approached by Social Workers from around the country. We put the search on hold as we have purchased a house and it needed a little TLC, but as soon as it was completed we got a call from our SW. ‘You said you wouldn’t shy away from a challenge, there are 2 boys who have just experienced an adoption breakdown and they really need you.’ We didn’t need a lot of time to consider them. We said YES and as they say, the rest is history.

Due to their complex and well documented history we have to protect their identity even more so than in a usual adoption situation and also our identities in order to keep them safe. In this modern digital age I don’t doubt that if somebody really wanted to find out who we are or where to find us, they will succeed.

But even so, your discretion is greatly appreciated.

I am always looking to connect with amazing people who raise children after an adoption breakdown to build a supportive community so if you would like to get in touch there are several ways to do that.

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