My Guest Pieces

It is a great honour for any blogger/writer to be asked to write a guest post, do an interview or compose an article on a certain topic. Recently I have been asked by a few people so I created this page to link up the articles.

  • Sept 2017: In Australia Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd September. I was asked to write a piece about an adoptive family’s experiences when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day. You can read it here:
    Father's Day guest post article by Feelingmumyet on the Dad website.
  • July 2017: Adoption UK’s magazine Children Who Wait features children who are looking for their new forever home. Although we didn’t find our children through this wonderful service, I was happy to talk to them about our experiences.
    Adoption UK Magazine Article Feelingmumyet Older Siblings Adoption Breakdown
  • July 2017: The Australian website The Dad contacted me and my husband after they read some of my earlier posts. Thanks to modern technology we were able to have a joint interview. Here is the link to A Peek inside the world of adoption breakdowns – The Dad Website The Dad Website article interview Feelingmumyet adoption Breakdown
  • June 2017: I wrote a whole page article for Adoption UK’s magazine called Adoption Today. The topic was adoption breakdown and if there is any hope for children who suffered through it. It is a print magazine, so I can’t add the link, but here is a picture of the article.
    Adoption UK Magazine Today Feelingmumyet article Hope Adoption breakdown
  • May 2017: Mrs Mummy Harris has an ongoing theme called ‘A Picture worth a 1000 words’. She asked me to give her a picture and the ‘behind the scenes’ scoop. You can find it by clicking on the link here: